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Elizabeth Taylor, J.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources & Legal Counsel
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Janel Faber
Administrative Assistant
Human Resources & Legal Counsel
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Terri Kelley
Human Resources & Legal Counsel
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Human Resources Department and Legal Counsel


Welcome to the Monroe County Intermediate School District Human Resources Department webpage! The  Human Resources Department webpage provides employees with pertinent information related to their employment with Monroe County ISD. Please contact the Department with any questions. 

May 22, 2014


To:  All Employees of Monroe County Intermediate School District


From: Elizabeth J. Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Legal Counsel


Subject:   Reasonable Assurance of Employment for Employees for Summer Break 2014


Federal unemployment compensation law and Michigan state law mandate that “written assurances” concerning unemployment be provided prior to periods between terms, semesters or academic years if such time period exist.


Unless otherwise notified of layoff or termination, this is your notification that the Monroe County Intermediate School District is providing you with reasonable assurance of work in the same capacity as defined in the Michigan Employment Security Act, MCL 421.1 et seq, for the 2014-15 school year.   A reasonable assurance is not a guarantee of work but it is our good faith belief that we will have work for you during the next school year. Michigan Employment Security Agency regulations prohibits you from receiving unemployment benefits from a school district during breaks or a school year when you receive a “reasonable assurance” of employment at the end of the break periods.


Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel provides strategic operational services that support the work of the Monroe County ISD Board of Education, administration and departments. Legal Counsel also provides support to constituent districts, indirectly and directly, as needed. Services include:
  • Legal research and advice

  • Negotiation, review and preparation of contracts, leases and other legal documents

  • Board policy interpretation

  • Administrative rules

  • Legal analysis of proposed legislation