Lisa Montrief
Director of Instructional Technology
Professional Development Center Building
734-242-5799 x3100 
Jacqueline Seitz
Professional Development Center Building
734.242.5799 x3110 

Curriculum Materials


The Instructional Resource & Technology Center provides exceptional curriulum materials for a range of topics.

Available Materials

  • Journals and Newsletters
  • Educational Software (Loan Library)
  • Assistive Technology Hardware/Software (Loan Library)
  • Other Media: Manipulatives, Books, Kits, and Games
  • More than 8,000 Instructional Videos and DVDs
  • Laser Discs
  • Special Education Testing Supplies (e.g. Woodcock Johnson, Brigance, etc.)
  • Adaptive Instructional Materials for Special Education Students and At-Risk Students
  • Materials for Parents of Special Education Students
  • Professional Development Library: Books, Journals, Video Cassettes, and DVDs